I sit here, cosy on my couch in Batlow, a sleepy town nestled in the Riverina, a town famous for apples, and not much else, but it’s a nice place to live for now.

A far cry from Wollongong mind you, a place I’ve called home for most of the last 6 years or so, I moved here to Batlow to take up a sports journalism gig.

My environment at the moment consists of two Maltese-cross dogs squeezed onto my couch and my fiancee playing Final Fantasy 15, while I tap away on my 2015 Moto X Play phone complete with cracks running across the screen and a hole in the top left corner. Think the evil terminator from the second Terminator movie, how he keeps trucking on despite being close to death on many occasions. My next phone will probably be this new Hauweii set up which only came out in Australia today, and looks to be a decent phone.

It’s Easter Monday and I’ve spent time outside gardening, washing the car, cleaning up cobwebs in the garage, and killing red back spiders. We also have a wasps nest outside and they are mostly harmless in that they keep to themselves but today they got a bit adventurous ans started flying around a bit, perhaps time for a wasp culling soon.

This blog isn’t about anything really, it’s the blog about nothing, ala Seinfeld, so enjoy the content, or not it’s up to you.

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